Art and Photos by Randy L. James

Focusing in on my creative passions.

I’ve been playing around with taking shots of my toy collection.  Yes, I have a toy collection.  More specifically monsters, creatures and vinyl characters.  Here is one character named Gleeb.  Gleeb was created by Portland artist’s Doktor Zsa Vu and Norma L. Knott of Purple Planet Artist Corporation.  They do not have a web site but if you google them there are a few things to find.  The PPAC does have an email address however, here it is:  I found Gleeb at an artshow held at Monster Art & Clothing in Ballard Seattle.

In these shots I used a few tricks.  They eye in the first one belongs to Dawn Lake.  In the second one I used a few of those dreaded canned “art” filters from photoshop.  I really didn’t give Gleeb permission to get into my liquor cabinet though.

Stay tuned for more toy panoramas.




Here a three shots from a recent visit to the Boeing Museum of Flight.  The abstracts are close ups of a soviet space pod (Resurs 500 Capsule) that enjoyed a successful reentry and the infamous Lockheed M-21 Blackbird.

Here is another of the shots from Walla Walla.   This picture reads well from left to right so I varied a few things to help enhance that.  This version seems to hint at a story, or a journey.

Since the original post, I decided to redo this shot.  This one is less artsy maybe, but still has a great sense of depth.

The Beats 4 Boobs Breast Cancer Fund Raiser was held on October 17th, 2010 at the Little Red Studio in Seattle.  More info about the event can be found here.  It was very dark in the studio so I used a high iso and a 1.4f 28mm lens.  Complete Event Photos

So in this shot I decided to play up the delightfully patterned reflection of the boat in the water.  I first flipped the shot, and then I blew out the focus on the bottom half of the shot.  The shot was taken in a tiny marina just north of the Skookumchuck Narrows and the West Coast Wilderness Lodge (a wonderful little place.)