Lucy’s Stairway

Here is a fun montage of my friend Lucy ascending a stairwell in a lighthouse. I took multiple shots and then combined them. Played a bit with the color and the perspective. The results suggests something dark, yet the mood is light hearted. A nice contradiction.

Sunset flights!

Taken July, 2nd 2009 near Astoria, OR at the mouth of the Columbia river.. It was getting close to sunset and these birds were really putting on a fun show. The light was just right for these photos. See more in the nature pic gallery. The second shot was taken a little earlier looking inland… Continue reading Sunset flights!

Confluence of Two Waters

Taken Dec, 12th 2008 someplace along the coast of northern Oregon from last December. I was driving along and noticed this flooded creek running into the muddy surf and really liked the way the two waters fought with each other. The surf would push the creek backwards, and then let it go, flooding mud into… Continue reading Confluence of Two Waters