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So in this shot I decided to play up the delightfully patterned reflection of the boat in the water.  I first flipped the shot, and then I blew out the focus on the bottom half of the shot.  The shot was taken in a tiny marina just north of the Skookumchuck Narrows and the West […]

I’ve chosen to take two images, one focused in the fore and one in the back, of electrical components that are part of the hideous Elwah River Dam.  Are they foreboding?  Are they friendly? In the end they are going to be extinct very soon.  I was personally part of the original movement to remove […]

I had the opportunity to visit the Hoh Rain Forest on the Olympic Peninsula without getting rained on.  I’d like to think it was luck since the Hoh arguably receives the most annual rainfall on the face of the earth. It’s amazing what you can find just a few hours from Seattle.

I had a few people asking me how I got the Walla Walla wheat photos to look so good.  Mainly it was the use of a polarization filter that helped create a more dramatic sky.  However that only got me part of the way there. As with all of my images, I have to do […]

Walla Walla, once the land of sweet onions has become a wonderful wine tasting destination.  As a bonus there are still lots of sweet onions,  wheat fields, asparagus, peas and more organically grown veggies.  We ate some excellent food at the Brasserie Four, a surprising find in Walla Walla I must say.  I should also […]