I’ve been playing around with taking shots of my toy collection.  Yes, I have a toy collection.  More specifically monsters, creatures and vinyl characters.  Here is one character named Gleeb.  Gleeb was created by Portland artist’s Doktor Zsa Vu and Norma L. Knott of Purple Planet Artist Corporation.  They do not have a web site but if you google them there are a few things to find.  The PPAC does have an email address however, here it is:  purpleplantetartistcorporation@gmail.com.  I found Gleeb at an artshow held at Monster Art & Clothing in Ballard Seattle.

In these shots I used a few tricks.  They eye in the first one belongs to Dawn Lake.  In the second one I used a few of those dreaded canned “art” filters from photoshop.  I really didn’t give Gleeb permission to get into my liquor cabinet though.

Stay tuned for more toy panoramas.