Walla Walla Wheat

Walla Walla, once the land of sweet onions has become a wonderful wine tasting destination.  As a bonus there are still lots of sweet onions,  wheat fields, asparagus, peas and more organically grown veggies.  We ate some excellent food at the Brasserie Four, a surprising find in Walla Walla I must say.  I should also… Continue reading Walla Walla Wheat

Heavenly Snow

Hear is a stitched image based on some fun shots I took while skiing at the Heavenly Ski Resort at the south end of Lake Tahoe.  I took several images and combined them to create this very wide final image.  The altitude was near 10,000 feet and yes, it was very cold!

Waterfront Cranes

I took these shots of a ship yard crane and the tram station at Oregon Health and Science University.  Here is more information on the  aerial tram. I reworked the sky in the crane picture to follow the cables.

Lucy’s Stairway

Here is a fun montage of my friend Lucy ascending a stairwell in a lighthouse. I took multiple shots and then combined them. Played a bit with the color and the perspective. The results suggests something dark, yet the mood is light hearted. A nice contradiction.