Walla Walla Wheat

Walla Walla, once the land of sweet onions has become a wonderful wine tasting destination.  As a bonus there are still lots of sweet onions,  wheat fields, asparagus, peas and more organically grown veggies.  We ate some excellent food at the Brasserie Four, a surprising find in Walla Walla I must say.  I should also mention my favorite vineyard: K Vinters.  They have very rich, dark, earthy, smokey, etc, etc Syrah wines.  My favorites by far.

Anyway back to the wheat.  These shots were all taken a bit east of town up toward the Blue Hills.  I used a polarizer filter, thus the dramatic sky.  Another factor that made these shots so vivid was the lack of dust and haze in the air.  July is a good time of the year to visit.

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