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“Randy James’ work invites personal readings the way dreams invite interpretations. Familiar things seem slightly strange.  It’s your house, but it’s not where you lived in it.  What’s simple-seeming can in fact be rich.  Randy James’ paintings act as a kind of Tarot – a series of images that have their own specifics and personal histories, but also refer to and inhabit larger, mythic stories.”  – Rebecca Brown, Seattle

Me trying to write about me

I’m inspired by the works of Cranach, Durer, Escher, Debuffet, Chagall, and Kollwitz to name a few. These art movements have been inspiring to me: Northern Renaissance, Expressionism, Op Art, Pop, and Surrealism.  I’ve studied with and shared ideas about Northwest arts with many local artists including Bill Cumming, Jay Steensma, Paul Dahlquist and Wes Wehr. My fine art experience spans over two decades and includes works in photography, oil, acrylic, oil based inks, charcoal, pen and ink, and more. I have collaboration and individual collections in many different museums in and around Washington and Oregon. I also advocate for natural and alternative medicine because of it’s benefits over conventional. Although as alternatives they are not often considered, I do my best to try to inform where I can. If you would like to know more you can go here to get information about health alternatives.

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The Accidental Collector- Art, Fossils & Friendships ~ Author’s Photo

Movements in Thought, April 2004 – Limited Edition Catalog with Prose by Rebecca Brown.


2006 – “Intimate Dreams – Series One” – Benham Studio – Seattle

2004 – “Movements in Thought” – Nordic Heritage Museum – Seattle

2004 – Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture Benefit Auction – Spokane

2003 –  “Treasured Collections” – Nordic Heritage Museum – Seattle

2003 – Whatcom Museum Benefit Auction – Bellingham

2003 – Group Benefit Auction – Nordic Heritage Museum – Seattle

2003 – “Northwest Eye” – Eureka, CA

2002 – Mary Randlette Benefit Auction, “The Ruins,” Seattle

2000 – Group Show – Woodside-Braseth Gallery, Seattle

1992 – Group Show – Kodiak, AK

1991 – Group Show – The Cheney Cowles Museum, Spokane

Prior to 1991, yes I had more shows, but that was a long time ago.

Museum Collections of works by Randy James

Nordic Heritage Museum – Seattle, WA

Whatcom Museum – Bellingham, WA

Museum Collections of Collaboration works (by Wes Wehr and yours truly)

Grand Forks Art Gallery – Grand Forks, B.C

Nordic Heritage Museum – Seattle

Whatcom Museum of Art and History – Bellingham

Jundt Museum, Gonzaga University – Spokane

Boise Art Museum – Boise

Washington State History Museum – Tacoma


Winner of “Best of Show” 2003 “Northwest Eye” – Morris
Graves Museum


1994 University of Washington – Fine Art Studies, Seattle

1987 Sonoma Statue U – Fine Arts Studies, Rohnert Part, CA

1984 Art Institute of Seattle – Graphic Art and Design

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